Sculpture Portfolio

I am a born and bred second generation New Mexican artist. Over the last twenty-five years I’ve been in shows in New Mexico and across the country. My primary medium is metal; forged steel, sheet metal fabrication, bronze casting and repousse, although I have also done wood-carving and sculpture in other media. My work could be called contemporary classical, as I have always had an interest in figurative work and otherwise using nature as a model. My sculptures often depict a psychological state, with figures that demonstrate feeling in environments that are suggested but not elaborated upon.

My New Mexican roots have instilled in me an interest in the characteristic features of the high desert environment: the wide-open spaces and an ecosystem based on a scarce water supply and seasonal monsoons. In addition to the figurative work that I have always done, I have also become increasingly interested in depicting natural features including earth, water and plant life. These subjects (figurative and elemental) converged in Acequia, a public commission for the state of New Mexico that resides in the annex to the Capitol Building in Santa Fe, New Mexico.